Reeves butchers was formed in 1988 by the existing managing director, Paul Reeves.

Paul was working for a large retail butchers and decided he could offer a much better service and good quality products compared to the corporation he was working for. Creating value for his customers as well as a profit for the business was his top goal. With this in mind, he started saving 50% of his salary towards launching his business and bought his own shop in 1988.

Growing The Business

The business grew well and was attracting many regular customers. However, it was also having to compete with large supermarkets appearing allowing shopping all under one roof. This was leading to people’s shopping habits changing.butchersshop

A large number of high street shops were affected and started to close and Paul knew he had to change and evolve.

This was the time he felt he could serve pubs and restaurants in addition to running the shop in order to bring in extra trade. So the business started serving eating establishments offering meat ready cut, portioned and delivered for the same price it would have had to have paid for the whole product untouched. This meant lower margins and higher speeds and this was how Reeves Butchers started to grow even further.


Despite the fact that serving pubs and restaurants was working well, Paul was finding that no matter what value he was giving his customers, he would occasionally lose one over price. At this point, he decided to take on a new challenge and start working with procurement companies and become a nominated supplier. This would mean his margins would be cut

Reeves Butchers prestigious factory facilities in Bracknell
Reeves Butchers prestigious factory facilities in Bracknell

again but there would be no loss of customers as no other supplier could serve them unless nominated. However, in order to become a nominated supplier, Reeves would need to be accredited by a third party. This would mean relocating the business to a factory environment using all the latest technology in a purpose built unit.

Paul decided this was the only way to keep growing and improving, and so Reeves Butchers invested over a million pounds and bought a factory in Bracknell in 2011 and had it fitted out to ECC standards. This was a great success and saw the business grow dramatically, and lead to the purchase of an adjoining factory which opened in October 2013.

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