Reeves Butchers specialists are focused on optimising the best english beef that farmers have to offer. All year round, we specialise in sourcing local livestock that have grazed on natural pasture grass during the summertime and, in the winter months, animals whose winter diets consist of a high percentage of grass silage. We aim to optimise what nature has to offer to create the best beef available.

Consistency is key and we understand our clients want a range of delicious premium steak cuts that are reliably tender and have just the right amount of flavour every time. We gurantee this by employing two important methods. The application of a five part process to ensure top quality beef followed by carefully hand selecting each primal piece after cutting.

Matured By Time

You can gurantee that any beef supplied by Reeves Butchers will have been carefully matured in atmosphere-controlled chillers. The maturation process happens in a set of external atmosphere-controlled chill rooms, and once the beef goes in, it stays locked in for the full 21 days during which time no external air is allowed in at any stage. This cold chain integrity is the key to optimum maturation.

Quality Standard Mark Beef

Reeves is proud to be a member of the EBLEX Quality Standard Mark Scheme which was launched in October 2004 to enhance the market conditions. The scheme has now strengthened its specifcations for beef, veal and lamb to improve efficiency, add value in the supply chain and guarantee enhanced eating quality. The scheme provides consumers with assured beef, veal and lamb from the farm to point of purchase, providing provenance and integrity throughout the supply chain. The standards and specifi cations cover farm assurance and quality assurance throughout the supply chain, animal age, carcase specifi cations, maturation, eating quality and care for the environment.beefimage02

All beef supplied by Reeves meet the following specifications:

  • Females under the age of 36 months are acceptable. They must not have been used for breeding or be in calf, they must not be pregnant.
  • Steers under the age of 36 months are acceptable.
  • Carcases must have a fat class of between 2–4H and have a conformation of E–O+.
  • For qualifying livestock aged between 30–36 months: Maturation of 14 days is required on
    primals used for frying, roasting and grilling (from slaughter to the fi nal consumer). Alternatively,beefimage01
    one of the post-slaughter processes to enhance tenderness, as outlined in ‘EBLEX Guidance to Meat Quality’, can be used ie, Hip bone suspension or electrical stimulation plus the standard 7day maturation as outlined for under 30 months cattle.
  • Bulls must be no older than 16 months at slaughter. Primals used for frying, roasting and grilling must be subject to a minimum 14 days maturation (from slaughter to the final consumer).
  • Meat from young cattle is subject to specifi c labelling requirements based on age at slaughter. Meat from such animals must be labelled as either veal or beef depending on age. Therefore, the Quality Standard Mark veal logo will apply to meat from animals under 8 months of age

Beef Purchasing Guide

Click on any of the images shown below for a full purchasing specification:


Beef Primals HindQuarter
Beef Primals Hindquarter
Beef Primals Forequarter
Beef Primals Forequarter
Beef Roasting Joints
Roasting Joints
Beef Steaks
Steaks, Daubes and Ribs
Beef Diced and Stir-Fry
Diced and Stir-Fry
Mince and Burgers
Mince and Burgers

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